Tuesday, March 4, 2014

March 4, 2014- Just Keep On Livin’

            To counteract the effects of Fat Tuesday, I ran my eight miles with my thoughts focused on eradicating the paczki calories (that’s a Polish jelly donut- big here in metro Detroit) that are trying to attach themselves to my butt.  I tried extra hard to run away from them.  Brain power!  Not sure my cranium has enough mojo to target the fat cells though.  It gives me a headache from all that intense concentration, either that, or it’s just the result of too much sugar in the system, kinda clogging the works.  But by golly this squirrel has got to store up junk fat today!  Lent is coming and how will I ever survive if I don’t stuff in donuts and a caramel frappe’ first?    

            I had the six mile loop around Stony Creek virtually to myself.  Another cold one.  Ho hum.  So I blasted my arsenal of songs through the headphones and into my very innards.  I just added a new one, Heaven, by Salvador.  You have got to listen to it.  I kept hitting replay, like ten times- much like the Barry Manilow college days when I would wear out my album, singing, and crying, and pining for the boyfriend back home.  LOL!! 
            But this song feels like the kind you listen to really loud as you are driving down the summer road with the windows down.  Back in the early, lean years of marriage Jim and I used to have a Skylark convertible that looked far better than it ran.  We would put the top down and cruise along like we were free, smiling into the cooler, early-evening breezes as we drove through shady lanes.  All was well until we had to stop- then the white fog from the cracked head caught up and engulfed us.
            The words of this song are hitting their mark on me today.  So I keep replaying it, even as I am typing.        

Save me from this prison, Lord, help me to get away
Cause only You can save me now, from this misery
Now I've been lost in my own place,
And I'm getting weary, how far is heaven
And I know I need to change
My ways of livin', How far is heaven
Lord, can You tell me
I've been locked up way to long
In this crazy world, how far is heaven
I'll just keep on prayin' Lord
Just keep on livin', how far is heaven
Yeah Lord, can You tell me, how far is heaven
Cause I just got to know, how far is heaven
I just got to know, how far
Cause I know that there's a better place
Than this place I'm livin, how far is heaven
And I just got to have some faith
And just keep on living, how far is heaven
Lord can you tell me, how far is heaven
Cause I just gotta know, how far is heaven
Yeah Lord, can You tell me, how far is heaven
I just gotta know how far, yeah I just gotta know how far

            I’ll just keep on prayin’ Lord, just keep on livin’…  

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