Thursday, April 17, 2014

April 16, 2014- Load on Them Carbs!

            I discovered after my first marathon experience that the term “carb loading” is a misnomer.  I’m sorry but anyone who talks about “loading stuff” means something else in my book.  When I’m loading stuff, I tell you what, I am heaping on the extra cheese and maybe some chocolate sprinkles, and some extra whipped cream for sure. 
            I discovered only too late that to load carbs does not mean to stuff a gut with as much pasta as you can cram in your pie hole.  Needless to say- when you combine tapering to your workout schedule and filling your gizzard with bread (which of course has to have some butter on it because, well, isn’t it obvious?) you tend to put on a couple pounds.  This does not bode well for a comfortable running experience. 
            As I have said before I can really feel a difference in my speed and contentment with even one pound added on the pile.  So I adjusted only slightly with the second marathon and resisted the enticement to literally load up.  Of course I still put on a couple of pounds beforehand because once I hit the age of forty I only have to think of a bowl of pasta and it will go right to my butt.  I’m clairvoyant or something I guess, one of those mental gurus who can telepathically move stuff with just the power of the mind.  Trouble is the only thing I can move is food, right to my body.  Too bad I can’t refine my skills and have the process work in reverse.  I could market that baby and make a fortune. 
            Yes, just the term carb loading makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside- one of the few times when you feel like you have a free pass to the food bar.  Kind of like when I was pregnant and could eat anything I wanted without guilt.  I remember one delightful memory when I was big and pregnant with Simon and we were out to eat at a restaurant.  I was having a hard time deciding if I should have the fries or mashed potatoes.  The waitress, in her benevolence suggested I get both and I recognized her genius at once and said, “Okay!” 
            Hopefully the third times a charm as far as carbs loaded with this one.  My husband just said that when he hears the term carb loading, it kind of runs together and becomes: carbloating which doesn’t sound very appealing at all!  I am doing good so far, no bloating, but we shall see as we hit the streets of Boston in a couple days and that celebratory atmosphere.  Because hey, celebrating means eating.  We are going to go to the pre-race pasta party the night before, which will be on Easter Sunday.  Doesn’t that sound fun?! 
            Hooray for carb loading!  My favorite time of year!
My official jacket, it's been inspiring me on the back of the door.

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