Sunday, April 20, 2014

April 19, 2014- Redemption and Rebirth

            We flew into Boston yesterday, Good Friday.  I’ve been playing with a lovely headache that with the turbulence and altitudes is something extra special.  It reminded me of our trip back from China with a nine month baby in tow.  I had me a kind of headache going then that resembled a large Samoan native cleaving my skull open like a fresh melon.  It’s caused by a combination of hormones, stress, and lack of sleep that pile on top of each other until my cranium revolts.  In a big way.
the finish line in the distance- so cool
Allie Gibbs came to meet us at the airport and escorted us back via bus and subway to her brother’s dorm.  Both the older Gibbs kids go to college at Emerson, not even a mile from the finish line.  Their parents are our closest friends- a friendship that began some twelve years ago when we discovered we were both adopting from China.  They had just been, and had invited us over to meet their family.  We told them that was their crucial mistake.  We have since latched on like some noxious dingle berry.  Can’t seem to shake us loose.    
We spent our first night reacquainting ourselves with college dorm life and catching up with Gabe and Allie.  Just relaxed and ordered pizza.  After an interesting night on an air mattress that had a slow leak- I woke up with a start at two-thirty in the morning as my husband got up to use the restroom and I was pitched violently into a black hole, we actually managed to acquire more sleep than I have gotten in the last four days. 
We hit the ground running this morning, fueled by a wonderful large Caramel Flan Latte from Starbucks.  The sun was shining bright throughout the city.  It reflected off the old stone churches and tall glass buildings as if on proud display to welcome the throng of runners who were ready to take it all in.  Talk about a charged and celebratory atmosphere!  It is hard to put it into words. 
Outside the Old South Church by the finish line special volunteers were giving out blue and gold scarfs to the runners- to commemorate the colors from last year’s marathon.  They were all different, crocheted in special patterns.  I chose one from around the lady’s neck and she took my hand and said that this scarf was made with love and hope from a member of a church in Vermont… She told me it was interwoven with love and courage.
I was a bit overwhelmed actually, moved to tears.  I have never been the recipient of something like that, a gift made by someone who doesn’t know me and was sending love and support to a faceless person who mattered to them.  I wore that scarf proudly, and smiled at the many other men and women I saw throughout this gloriously wonderful day who were proudly wearing their own unique scarves.    
Allie made such an insightful comment about the experience, the entire day really.  She said it’s interesting how Easter is tomorrow, the time for rebirth and redemption, and that is what was going on all around us.  “Boston Strong” was everywhere.  After the horrible evil of last year- healing, grace, rebirth, God’s goodness has triumphed. 
Such a beautiful thing to see and I am so incredibly blessed to be here to experience it.   
My husband said he forgot to dial down his halo before the photo

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