Monday, April 7, 2014

April 6, 2014- My Natural Byproduct

Because Jim and I will be gone for Easter, we wanted to spend a little quality time with our youngest, Gracie during her spring break from school this week.  We got a hotel for two nights that has a pool.  It is all that is needed for a twelve year old.  The hotel is only about an hour from our house.  That is all that is needed for my husband.  And there is a mega-shopping area of outlet stores close by.  That is all that’s needed for me.    
I wasn’t able to run any more than two miles yesterday (supposed to do twelve but my knee said no).  I did ride the Schwinn Air dyne for thirty minutes… which is better than a sharp stick in the eye.  And while that can be very stressful to me- I have the experience of two finished marathons and virtually no running two weeks out for either one, so I am going to go with a positive attitude that everything will come out all right in the wash. 
It is always good to have a past experience to fall back on to set everything to rights, like for instance, one of the BIGGEST things that stressed me out before both my marathons was the “having to go potty” issue.  You think about these types of things a lot when you are training.  I really worried about not getting the job done before I would have to “hasten” to the starting line.  I had anxiety attacks about having to pee while I ran- I have found in my vast experience it’s pretty tough running when you have to cross your legs! 
The biggest and most time consuming thing I do when prepping to head out to run or race is pottying.  I just have to think about commencing and the ol’ bladder ramps up- I turn into one of Pavlov’s drooling dogs with the enticement of food.  Peeing is my natural byproduct from running. 
Before my first marathon my dear husband Jim sure had to do a lot of hand holding and therapy sessions about it because God forbid I had to actually stop and use a port-a-john.  I do not understand what would have been the big deal, but who can sort out my troubled mind.  I’ve given up trying, and so has Jim.  I don’t think I’m the only one in the same boat because you should see the throng of humanity pre-race, all lined up to use the sentinel rows and rows of pottys.
You drink in the fluids, and it comes right on out the other end.  Like a merry-go-round.
But due to my past experience I have learned that I am completely equipped to weather the storm because during the entire four hour journey in Chicago, I had to pee like a race horse.  (Even though minutes before I had gone.)  No matter, I thought I would hit one of those early johns along the route, but everyone else had the same notion, and I didn’t want to stand around and wait.  I would just run on to the next.  Until I think what happened was I reabsorbed my pee, all the way up into my brain maybe. 
The point to all this talk on my bodily functions is that everything seems to work itself out one way or another.  As I’m heading into my final two weeks, I will have to keep repeating that mantra to try and convince myself that it will all be okay.     
Frankenmuth fudge and ice cream!  Yum!

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