Wednesday, February 12, 2014

December 24, 2013- My Cup Runneth Over.

I traditionally run on Christmas Eve and I have always found it to be a rather peaceful experience.  It kinda puts the “Silent Night” into the first part of a very loud and jubilant day of celebration.  I also traditionally sport my bright pink Rudolph/Abominable Snow Monster/Yukon Cornelius lounge pants for the occasion.  Ya know, just to make the event more special. 
I love to run on Christmas Eve day because I live by the motto: “I eat, therefore I run.”  And because, God forbid I deny myself anything during the eating fest which is our holidays, I can do that with a tiny bit less guilt if I put in a few miles of sweat first. 
Today I wanted to go a newer 4.3 mile route I have been taking now that they completed construction on the main road just north of my street, with a connecting sidewalk all the way through to VanHoosen Farm and Museum.  It is such a beautiful way to go.  And today, as I ran passed the stonewall which curves along the farm frontage, where two months before we saw all the pumpkins glowing on a magical fall evening and the annual “Stonewall Pumpkin Festival”, I thought on how that seems now a lifetime ago.  Now the old crooked wall is topped with snow.  The beautiful white gazebo, the mature maples, and the creek that winds through the back are still and alone. 
I pause for a moment to breathe it all in, pull out my phone to snap a couple photos of the scene and the old stone barn to post later on facebook.  I need to share the experience a little, to post a comment on how incredibly blessed I am to have this beautiful view to run passed.  On a day filled with thoughts of blessings, and family, and happy times… my cup runneth over.   

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