Friday, February 21, 2014

February 20, 2014- My Life in a Wormhole

View out the back door.  Everywhere is snow, snow, snow!

            Hard run Thursday.  It was a treadmill run once again as today’s forecast was a lovely freezing-rain mess.  And once again I must have haplessly stumbled through a cosmic “wormhole” as I stepped out of time to spend an eternity within that 33:30.  Pretty good though as that worked out to be about an 8:23 pace for four miles, mile three was eight minutes, mile four about the same.    
            Maybe it’s just me, like those unfortunate souls prone to lightning strikes, but I think I am falling into those dang wormholes all the time!  For instance with my core workout today I know of at least three times, during those dreaded one-minute planks that I do believe my entire life passed before me- from toddling along in my first steps to rocking in the chair as an old grannie- I was planking.  No wonder it was so hard!     
            And wall sits!  Good gravy those are tough when you are making sure your quads are parallel to the floor, and I clutch my hands together in an intense prayer position and grit my teeth as I pray an earnest “Hail Mary”!  Ouch!  Going to have to ease back on those and the squats with weights I think because my right knee is not approving.  You should hear that knee as I squat down.   The bag of rocks that usually hangs out in my lower back must have shifted, like an unstable rocky cliff, someone must have bumped into it and the loose gravel tumbled down to rest in the knee area.
            I get a little stressed again as I wonder if this body is going to cooperate in my well-laid plans.  Jim mentioned though that I can always get a cortisone shot in my knee, which is a very good possibility.  I have gone that route many times with my back- it is not the end-all-be-all, but it helps just enough to get the job done.  
Our view out the front door.  Dismal.

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