Wednesday, February 12, 2014

January 18, 2014- I Surely Love to Run

            Saturday run!  I was detained by all kinds of life’s happenings that kept me from going out and getting my ten miles over with.  By the time I got out to Stony Creek it was almost 2:00 in the afternoon.  I had worked myself up into a nice frantic state of anxiety and felt like I was shot out of a cannon when finally I got onto the course (Well.  It felt like that in my brain.  I didn’t necessarily run like that).         
            I had my music with me, my eclectic collection of inspiration, and I blasted it into my earphones because I don’t have to worry about running in any traffic.  I blasted Sugar Ray and “Someday” (one of my absolute favorites), “True Love” by Pink (she is great to run to, kinda angry running songs that get you fired up) and “Madame Bonaparte/Devil’s Dream/Mason’s Apron” by a bunch of Irish guys who can really get me moving with their wild fiddle playing frenzy.
            So many of my songs have been with me from the start, my first half marathon a number of years ago, and they take me to places like nothing else can- recalling great runs on scenic wooded trails or stretches of country roads in summer.  I can’t explain the feelings of freedom and joy as my legs would keep me moving, and sometimes I feel like I can fly away.     
This run was a good one too, not too much winds which is always enjoyable.  Felt great for the most part, legs started to feel like noodles at about mile nine but did pretty good- average pace was 8:47.  Good too when the first mile was 9:40.   
I sent God a huge and heartfelt song of praise.  Thank you God, for letting me run today.  For all the anxieties, and pain, and crap, I surely love to run.   
                                The lake's barren wasteland.  But it is surely pretty.

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