Sunday, February 23, 2014

February 21, 2014- If You Were the Only Person

            Rest day Friday.  Did I happen to mention how much I love rest days, and how good I am at them? Just thought I would reiterate that because it is so obvious to me.  I am especially good at sitting on the couch and watching TV, maybe eating some popcorn, wearing my comfies while covered in a cozy blanket.  The main thing on the big screen these days is the winter Olympics.  I especially love to hear about the athletes, their lives back home, the sacrifices they make in their training.  Day after day they make choices to get better, decisions that no one ever sees- to hurt, to carry those hefty crosses on a journey toward perfection.

            In my tiny way I can relate to that right now as I train toward my own little “Olympics”.  Not that any cameras will be on me, or that they will be holding the finish line tape for me to break through in triumph.  Heck, I will be at the very back of the pack, with all the other faceless rabble who have refined their own crosses to make it to their goal of simply finishing something most people would consider an impossibility.      
Anyways… Rest day Fridays.  I have been trying to go over and pray the Stations of the Cross on my Fridays, and I was able to again today even though school got canceled for Grace because of the freezing rain shenanigans.
            As I have been saying, each time I pray the Stations, I have something new to share.  This time there was a special thing that Jesus wanted to tell anyone who reads these words.  I am not brilliant and this “great work of American literature” is not going to change the course of a civilization- but you are reading it.  With all the stuff out there, you are reading this.  You actually are supposed to read this and Jesus wanted me to tell you something very important.  As I was walking along once again and contemplating all the horrible atrocities He allowed Himself to be subjected to, all the unspeakable pain and sorrow- He wanted you to know that He did that for you.  While a person might laugh and shake their heads over what seems to be my silly childishness- the fact remains, what I am saying is true, whether I heard it or not!
            He wants me to tell you, that if you were the only person in the world, if it was just you who needed saving He would do all of it just for you.  You matter that much to Him.  And this is not just some flowery, make-you-feel-good kind of fluffy silliness. 
            It is the truth. 
            He wanted me to tell you He loves you.  He always has.  And He always will.     

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