Wednesday, February 12, 2014

February 5, 2014- Something’s Gotta Give

            Cross training Wednesday and I had the whole pool to myself during my half hour swim.  Before I went to the pool I did my core workout.  Just love those planks!  Every second is a blessedly excruciating and shaky eternity.
            Well I don’t have to worry about losing five pounds anymore.  Now I have to loose six.  What the heck?!  I put on a pound?  Seriously?  It’s not like I am sitting around eating bonbons all day!  I eat good stuff!  Really.  I’m serious!  Lots of fruits and vegetables, yogurt, kale and spinach, and whole grains… Has my stupid body just “adjusted” itself to this workout stuff, like it is expecting it?  I need to get serious with this because running with an extra bag of flour is not making me happy.      
            Problem is, if all I am doing is sucking the chlorophyll out of lettuce leaves I just won’t have the energy to do what I gotta do!  Well, something has got to give because I seriously feel every extra pound when I run.  One pound makes such a difference in my speed and how I feel.  I guess a fasting regiment is going to have to be added to the cross list.  I don’t like that Lord.  And I am going to drag my knuckles on the pavement as I belly up to the salad bar for that one. 
Now, You are going to have to really help me with this one God.  That is asking too much for this mere food-loving mortal to handle!

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