Wednesday, February 12, 2014

February 2, 2014- I Have a Short Attention Span

            Superbowl Sunday!  And because my motto is:  I eat, therefore, I run, it was a really good thing to get in those hard three miles on the treadmill followed by a core workout before consuming lots of food in the evening.  We hit 10:45 mass first though.
Still kind of riding the spiritual high from yesterday’s Scott Hahn encounter, and I was trying hard to think on those lofty contemplations during the consecration and in receiving communion.  Trouble is, at the most important moments of my whole week, when my peon mind and heart should be focused on God, I am thinking on such exalted things as: “Ooo, I think I would rethink that outfit, makes her hips look wide.”  Or, “I can’t believe they are not controlling that child.” Or still better, “We should have bacon when we get home.  I need bacon.”
            I may snap it back into shape for a couple of seconds, get that brain on track, but it is hard to focus on stuff like Jesus, really and truly here with me when there are things like: “Butterflies are pretty…” 

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