Wednesday, February 12, 2014

January 11, 2014- Another Long Run Saturday

            Long run Saturday and we are still at eight miles on the schedule.  There may be a day when, God forbid, I have to run a long run on the treadmill- if the severe cold or icy conditions stress me out too much to go outside, but I will leave that one up to God’s arrangement.  While I really love the treadmill, it just cannot compare to the impact and conditioning you get from pounding your pads along the non-moving pavement.    
            Today I went over to Stony Creek Metro Park.  It is one of the only local areas that they keep plowed.  They have a wonderful six mile loop that goes around a lake, and through scattered woods, and open, rolling meadows.  There is small hill work throughout this course.
            They have marked the distance every quarter mile, so I don’t have to wear my Garmin watch, which frankly isn’t exactly accurate.  I ran the six mile loop and then a further mile out, turned around and came back.  I felt really pretty good.  So, so grateful when the u-joints and hip decide to cooperate.  I ran it at an average 8:50 pace, which I was also pleased about- wondering how I am doing with running so much more on the treadmill. 
            I do try to have at least a one percent incline on the treadmill, because when the road is moving under you, you simply aren’t getting the same workout.  Not to mention wind and all the natural variables that goes into making a run profitable. 

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