Wednesday, February 12, 2014

February 3, 2014- Only Two

            Today was supposed to be three miles at a 5K race pace, but since I ran hard yesterday, I want my Mondays to be focused on hill work.  I tried a new treadmill work out that Jim emailed me last week.  Really good stuff.
            Run two minutes on a flat grade, then run 5 different sets of inclines with a 2-3 minute flat run in between.  The first set: set the incline from 4,5,6 a minute each.  Second set: 5,6,7, third set: 6,7,8, fourth set: 7,6,5 and the fifth set: 6,5,4.  Each incline at a minute with the rest in between.  I kind of liked going off of a timed thing rather than a distance, it ended up being a little over three miles. 
I did have to hold on for the steep inclines, not really good at that yet.  Holding on with my left hand reminded me of all the times running with my Gracie when she was a little one in the jogging stroller.  I would have her snack and drink all set and placed beside her, she had her favorite stuffed animal “Dodum” along for the ride, and we traveled along the Paint Creek Trail, taking in the fresh air, and birds, sometimes a few deer, and flowers. It was like a lifetime ago.    
I teach eighth grade catechism on Monday evenings.  I have been teaching for I don’t know how many years.  A lot.  But for the last couple of years, my Monday stress level and anxiety is like I have never done it before! For some reason it hits me like a ton of bricks.  Wondering if the devil has his claws in, attempting to derail me.  I’ve got to continue to hide myself in the Precious Blood of Jesus because I will absolutely loose the battle if I don’t. 
Tonight was very eye opening and it made me very sad.  The subject was the church: it is One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic- and in the discussions I said that within the Catholic church there is the fullest means of salvation.  We talked about what those could be, those “fullest means of salvation”.  Well of course first are the sacraments, namely communion and confession.  They are the powerhouses on the road to eternal salvation. 
It was in the discussion on the Eucharist that I happen to ask the frank question: “Truthfully, do you believe that the host you receive in communion is actually Jesus?”  Of the fourteen teens, only two raised their hands.  Only two.  And these kids are from families who actually send their kids through all the years of religious ed!  Not that I feel like my own two older children would answer differently!  I felt so sad for Jesus.  How sad He must be.  
I surely do need to regroup.  Refocus on the seriousness of this situation.  I need to visit Him, laying before His holy throne my four reasons, I need to run, and I need to pray.

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