Wednesday, February 12, 2014

January 22, 2014- I Want to be Happy!

            Such a nice morning mass, and from there I hit my catechism meeting (I teach 8th grade) and then hit the pool.  Another great half hour swim.  No hip pain with swimming.  Can a person train for a full marathon by just swimming?  Probably not.  I’d drown for sure.
My dear friend and one-time neighbor Jen stopped by for a little visit this afternoon.  We played catch up and I told her that for me, right now is mainly time filled with thinking about and preparing for this marathon.  I told her about my hip concerns.  She, as always, spoke soothing God-filled words of encouragement.
            And when she said she would pray that my hip would be healed, I actually said no.  I said for her to pray that I will love God’s will.  I want to love God’s will.  I want to be happy.  No matter what happens, and as Jen wisely said, God already knows what I want.  He already has His answer.  So, now it is up to me. 
            I know in my heart of hearts that His will is my only true happiness.  Ultimately, His will is the only thing that will be right for me.  I want to love that.  I really want to surrender.  I want to be happy.  

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