Wednesday, February 12, 2014

January 6, 2014- I Love Shorts in Winter!

            We are being BLASTED by an artic typhoon.  Heavy snow and the temps the last few days have been a balmy zero to nine below.  That’ll freeze your bacon!  And so today I send out a huge thank-you to God for the blessing of my new treadmill. 
            I have been running, and running outside, not counting high school track and cross country for about thirty-two years, rain or shine, snow or whatever.  But a couple of months ago we decided to enter into the world of the treadmill.  My husband Jim did some research and decided that the Landace brand got the best reviews by serious runners, so that is what we have. 
            He hooked up a flat-screen TV for me, and I can blast my specially-selected, happy Teresa running music through its built in speakers and watch TV.   
            While running outside has never bothered me, in fact I actually love being outside, doesn’t really matter on the weather; there sure is something nice to be said for putting on a pair of shorts (I usually do not even open the shorts drawer from November until April) and going in the next room for my run. 
            But with that said, one is suddenly and painfully aware of time, and distance as it crawls along, without the normal passing scenery to occupy the hyper-active mind that wants to be anywhere but experiencing the pain of running in one place.  It’s all good though.  I was telling God that I kind of like this new kind of cross.  It sure is a good one.  

View from the treadmill...

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