Wednesday, February 12, 2014

January 1, 2014- Man, This New Year is Off to a Good Start!


            We spent a wonderful New Year’s Day with our favorite friends in the whole world, the Gibbs, doing what we do best of all: eating good food and lying around the living room and laughing and talking really loud. 
                                                 (Us and the Gibbs!  Super fun!!)

            It was especially wonderful because my team won the Rose Bowl!!  Yeah Spartans!!  I attended Michigan State University a few years ago (well, it was a few years) and my official degree is in: Landscape and Nursery Agricultural Technology.  Now, (okay, many years later) I have my own business; I do landscape design and landscape appraisal work.  I love it.  I really, really love my job. 
            I have four brothers, (I am the second Jones child) and my number three brother KC also went to Michigan State and he got to go to Pasadena with some old college friends to participate in the joy.  He hit everything: the parade, the VIP tailgate party, and the game of all games.  He shared the experience with me via text messages throughout the day.  And when the game was over, he called me (we love to talk sports, Spartan sports especially) and I answered the phone screaming:  YES!!!!  And we laughed, and yelled, and talked about what an awesome thing it was that he seized that moment and lived a very happy memory.
           He could have so easily listened to the justified excuses not to go: he just started a new job, he has a pregnant wife and five year old at home, it cost a LOT of money, yada, yada, yada.  But he chose to live.  To grab hold of that experience and live.  He makes good choices I think.  I have always loved that about him.    

From the archives!  The Jones Family- circa 1974

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