Wednesday, February 12, 2014

January 4, 2014- Running Far is Hard.

It’s comical really (God has such a quirky sense of humor) how you can have a day filled with happiness and love and you’re spouting off all kinds of ways in which you will Joan of Arc your way through life for your God.  Bring on the inquisition!  Bring on the burning at the stake!  I am ready! 
Then comes the Saturday long run.  Today was only eight miles (not many in the whole scheme of things after all) and I decided to do the out and back which runs passed the high school and north onto a straight dirt road.  It butts up to the large metro park so close by us, Stony Creek, and so a bit of the run is almost in a mature wood.  Very nice.  Old, gnarly, tough White Oaks.
There was still quite a bit of snow along the edges, and it was like doing the Bunny Hop- one step forward and two steps back as I sloshed along.  I found it best to actually run in the middle of the road as it was packed hard snow.  Of course you are constantly tense that you will become road kill, but it’s either that, or breaking something important as I try and maintain myself in an upright position while Bunny Hopping.  I’m sure I looked like a real professional.  If my profession was an inebriated Macarena dancer.
All this, coupled with the driving artic wind, made for a lovely, relaxing run.  (Not.)  My right thigh was screaming, as well as my u-joints (I refer to the socket area where the leg meets the torso as my u-joint).
I came home discouraged.  I hobbled up the stairs- Latin dancing while under the influence takes it out of a body, and took a long, hot shower.  It’s funny how after running two marathons I can still question how on earth I can possibly run 26.2 miles.  And why on earth would anyone want to!

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