Wednesday, February 12, 2014

January 31, 2014- Running Gives Me Boo Boos

            I have awakened the sleeping dragon!  And his name is: the knees.           
Friday long run.  A lovely twelve miles and I accomplished this great work of human endurance on the Stony Creek trail, twice around the pond.  The wind was low, the path was relatively clear.  All went well really, but I find, like clockwork, when I hit about the twelve mile mark, my knees- in the center of my bull-legged limbs begin making themselves known. 
When you run for almost two hours you find the seemingly small and insignificant flaws in your body structure raise their hands and say, “Hey you idiot, enough already”.  At least my body parts do.  I brought along my water belt this time too (I don’t like to carry it, but got to stay hydrated), and around the five and a half mile mark gave myself a special treat: Gu.   

Those who run a lot know about this “boost of electrolytes and energy” in the form of a disgusting paste that you squeeze in your mouth and struggle to keep from choking.  My flavor of choice is chocolate mint (this one is non-caffeinated, can’t do caffeine when I run) which unfortunately they have told me at the running store they are not making anymore.  So I stocked up with all they had.  Hopefully it will see me through this whole process.  
You should see me getting out of the car when I drive home.  Gridlock!!  And like a hunched over Grannie I shuffle my way into the house, make myself a good-for-you smoothie and take it with me as I hobble up the stairs and into the nice, hot shower.  In a couple of weeks I will be most likely changing to ice baths (which is super fun, can’t wait) but for now, I really love the feeling that I’ve earned a nice, hot shower.   
I didn’t do stations today, in listening to my body it was insisting that I just sit.  It was kinda yelling actually, so I thought it best not to cross it.  So I sat with Jesus.  It’s funny how I think that this could not possibly be “enough”.  But in just sitting before the Blessed Sacrament I am waiting on the Lord!  How could I possibly do any more than that? 
We humans are constantly caught up in the need for big bells and whistles.  Big acts.  Right NOW.  Impressive show.  Don’t wait.  Instant results.  I can relate to this.  Heck, I’m an American!  We have been formed to want our “fifteen minutes of fame”, and to want it fifteen minutes ago!  Sitting alone, silent and unmoving with Jesus goes against everything that today’s secular American would deem worthy or worth it. 
I am not in control.  All I have to do is come.  (I barely have control over that as the Blessed Mother picks me up and carries me!)  Just sit.  Stay.  Wait.  Surrender.  I have to trust that He will take care of the rest.  And if His track record can be any indication- He always does.

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