Friday, February 28, 2014

February 27, 2014- Isn’t It Always the Way

            I actually have been sleeping well the last couple of months, which is saying something for Ms. Pre-Menopausal, except I had a hard time getting to sleep last night.  I was lying in bed thinking very weighty things like… “I’m gonna eat me a donut tomorrow at the landscape seminar.”   (My fellow plant-loving pal Janie and I go to a number of these things offered over the down-time winter months.  This one was on Top Tree Maladies of 2013.)
            They always have donuts there.  Chocolate covered ones, and apple fritters, and jelly donuts…  And while I have been making every effort to eat healthy (and doing a bang up job if I do say so myself), I am also acutely aware that lent starts in less than a week.  Believe you me- I may be clueless about which one of my kids I am yelling at, but when it comes to the exact count down before dooms day- I am a Swiss watch.  Forty days is an eternity!  It’s like a squirrel, gorging on those nuts for winter.  The eleventh hour.  Got to cram them in before they will be gone forever!!!
            And why is it that when someone says you can’t have it that is when you are craving it the most?  As Grandma Swartz would say: “Isn’t it always the way.”

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