Wednesday, February 12, 2014

January 2, 2014- I’m In With the “In Group”

            I received an email today from my “buds” in the Boston Athletic Association.  Made me feel all warm and fuzzy, like I am part of the “in group”.  Like I’m real important or something.  It was just a “touching base” kind of thing but I made the mistake of clicking on the Boston Marathon Training Programs link to give a look see as to how my training regimen stacks up to theirs.  I clicked on the beginner one, just to make myself feel good.  But it didn’t. 
            Those crazy running machines had just about every long run (that’s Saturdays, each weekend your mileage for a long run increases to twenty- about three weeks before your race) at 14-16 miles!  And during the week more huge miles.  Week after bloody week!  What the heck?!  How can their bodies do that?  I know.  They are all these skinny little running birds flitting along the trail- that have absolutely no fat on them whatsoever.  Bred to run.  And run.  And run. 
            Well not this girl.  I’m, how shall I say it, bigger.  I got big bones.  I’m from some strong Polish stock with the good-sized hips for birthin’ babies and then heading back out into the fields to bring in the crop.  I’m my mother’s daughter.  And where I might not quite compare to those little chicks, I got me some stamina.  Some willpower and determination born into me through my mother’s veins and heart.  I wear that badge proudly. 
No.  I will never be a tiny running birdy, but I will never give in.  I will never give up.  (At least that’s what I tell myself.)

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