Wednesday, February 12, 2014

January 3, 2014- I Know My Way.

            They had Eucharist adoration in the chapel of my parish today, so I walked over.  One of the greatest things about where I live, well, probably the greatest thing is that I can literally see the door that opens to the chapel and the Blessed Sacrament from my kitchen window.  Jesus is my neighbor!  I cannot even begin to tell how the move to this house in 1998 has changed my life, as a few years ago I started making frequent visits to Him. 
            Believe me when I tell you, I have a long, long way to run on my faith journey before I can cross that finish line, but spending time with Jesus, silent time together in the quiet chapel is the way.  And the more I go I am that much more convinced that for me, loving and worshipping Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament is my only way. 
So many times when I am leaving, and my heart is full with a joy that only Jesus can give I think on how essential it is to be with Him there.  How did I rate that He has provided me with such a perfectly simple and easy road to heaven?  And each time I recommit myself to my only true purpose: to spend my life adoring my God, my Eucharist, my Thanksgiving and offering Him what little reparation it is in me to give, for all the negligence I have been guilty of in His service, I know this is my way. 
I may screw up a great many things in my day, (I’m kinda good at it) but if I spend a half hour with Jesus, the day is won.  He provides; He is the victory in my defeats.  He always is.  And so, little by little, as I have felt the effects of frequent spiritual communion, and that happiness, I am growing more and more addicted to a joy that can be found nowhere else. 
I really could go on and on, but the point I wanted to get to is that when someone (God) is so good to you, you tend to want to pay them back, to think of someway to please them.  And when this race came along, the idea started brewing of making this four and a half month process of pain topped off with an excruciatingly awful four hour run my gift to Him. 
So, when I went to the hour of adoration today, and I started praying in the Blessed Sacrament Adoration book I have, written by St. Alphonsus Liguori, I saw there printed my reasons for running.  They were reasons for a visit to the Blessed Sacrament, but I tweaked them, and came up with my pledge, my Mission Statement, my four reasons to run.  They are my focus now.  I typed them and am going to put them by my treadmill, so I can see and think on it every day:
Why am I doing this…

1.)  In thanksgiving for the great gift of the Blessed Sacrament.

2.)  To make amends to the Sacred Heart for all the outrages committed against the Blessed Sacrament by me, by those I love, and by Your enemies.

3.)  I intend to adore You in all the places on earth where The Holy Eucharist is present and most forgotten and abandoned.

4.)  And I offer it up for all those You have given me to love.

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