Wednesday, February 12, 2014

January 25, 2014- I Am Like a Third Person

            I am poured right now into the “Big Joe” bean bag chair.  Recouping.  I am a whimp.  Saturday long runs kick my ass.  And today was only a rebuilding day- only seven miles, but I ran it on the Stony Creek course that was slippery and snowy and I Bunny Hopped my way along as Old Man Winter blew his “polar vortex” right into my face.  I think he was snickering while he was at it.  He’s really been kinda mean like that this January.  I’m getting pretty sick of him to be honest.  
            They had some kind of a “Freeze Your Fanny” glorified walk event going on at the park too, and I was bobbing and weaving my way around the participants the last mile, adding to my enjoyment.  That thick, slippery stuff, when I feel like I am running in place makes my right thigh hurt.  My calves are tight.  My aching back!  Boo woo.  What a stinkin’ baby.  I’m going to have my youngest, my Gracie who is soon to be twelve walk on my back.  The good news is the left hip was quiet.  I’ll take it!!  
            I read another little treasured tidbit in the Magnificat book today, written by St. Francis de Sales that God is pushing my nose in, because it is all mine.

                      So go forth very bravely with perfect trust in the goodness of him who calls you to this holy task.  When has anyone ever hoped in the Lord and been disappointed?  Mistrust of your own powers is good as long as it is the groundwork of confidence in God’s power; but if you are ever in any way discouraged, anxious, sad, or melancholy I entreat you to cast this away as the temptation of temptations; and never allow your spirit to argue or reply in any way to any anxiety or down- heartedness to which you may feel inclined.  Remember this simple truth which is beyond all doubt:  God allows many difficulties to beset those who want to serve him but he never lets them sink beneath the burden as long as they trust in him. 

All I can say is, “Amen brother.”  And as I sat and analyzed this, which went on further to speak of true humility which simply “does what it is told” I am truly grateful and amazed that He is giving me more to handle than He has ever done before.  I am actually standing back, kind of like a third person, and seeing how in my great distresses and challenges of the past few weeks, I have been able to right away fly first to the Blessed Mother, who always commends me to her Son, and I am consciously hiding myself in His Precious Blood.  I have not stepped away in discouragement, which has been a sad pattern of mine. 
            I say that I am like a third person who is contemplating the events and seeing the good there not as my own or of my own making or credit, but as the works of God in the Holy Spirit.  I cannot take any credit for any good little action or thought.  And I actually TRULY mean that for two seconds!  (Who knows how I am going to feel in five seconds, I am a pretty weak daughter.)  It then becomes this sort of snowball effect of thanksgiving, and joy, and love. 
            Good going God!!  Keep up the good work!

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